Healed of Terminal Brain Cancer

At the early age of 9 Billy met the Healing Jesus!
Stricken with this disease and just days to live, Billy through his grandmother, was introduced to the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman. Miss Kuhlman called Billy out of the crowd and asked him, “Do you believe?” Then she touched him and in a moment, all the cancer was gone.

As Billy entered his teenage years…
He began to make choices that led him away from the God he knew and trusted as a young boy. He became a prodigal who went the way of the world and his sins separated him from God. Still very aware of the voice of the Holy Spirit and still very conscious of what God had done thru the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman, Billy continued to drift further and further away.

A praying grandmother and a tragedy gets Billy’s attention.
Billy’s grand-mother and his mother continued to pray relentlessly that the Healing Jesus of his youth would again intervene, have mercy and get Billy back on track. Billy says to this day that even in his darkest hours away from the Lord he could feel the prayers of his grand-mother who would not leave go of his destiny. Suddenly, at the age of 19, Billy’s younger brother was killed by a drunk driver. This devastated Billy and he began to search for the reason of why he was spared of a horrible disease. He was miraculously healed and yet his younger brother was taken. He had no peace and could find no answers…

A call from Kathryn Kuhlman
It was then that Billy received a phone call from Maggie Hartner, secretary to Kathryn Kuhlman. He was asked to meet Kathryn at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown, Ohio. Kathryn had asked Billy to come and share his testimony of what God had done some nine years earlier. This was the first step back to God’s purpose and the beginning of a whole new life. Since that day Billy has never looked back.

Completing his studies at Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, California under the leadership of Pastor Ralph Wilkerson, Billy began the ministry the Holy Spirit had been preparing him for.

Today, after years and years of trials and testing, of purging and refining, God is able to use Billy all around the globe. From creative physical miracles to deep emotional inner healings. Whether through Crusades, television broadcasts, radio or the web, testimonies continue to confirm that the same Healing Jesus still lives and moves today thru the vessel of Billy Burke.

For more information on Billy Burke please visit http://billyburke.org